A Word from the Bethel Family
Thank you so much for visiting our church family web-site. You will see that we are a church that believes strongly in the whole truth of the Word of God. We believe in reaching out to all people. Why? Because all people are welcomed and desired in the family of God and Bethel is a great example of that fellowship.
The mission of Bethel is to connect with God and build relationships with others, leading ourselves and others to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, souls and minds, and love our neighbors as ourselves. We become disciples of Christ who make disciples by baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that He has commanded. We prepare others to use their gifts to serve the community and the Lord faithfully in order to be Great Commission Christians in a Great Commission Church. 
In short, we seek to connect, love, disciple and serve both God and others.
We strive to focus on biblical discipleship, loving outreach, and kingdom building work. We are not a perfect family by any means, but we do serve a perfect God! Our Father has saved and redeemed us all out of the pit of sin. We are a family made up of individuals that desperately needed the grace and love of Christ in our lives. Though each of our testimonies are quite unique, they all end with the saving grace of Jesus! So when you look through our site and come and visit our family at Bethel, you will visit a family that is totally reliant on Christ.
Thank you again for visiting our church web site and we look forward to seeing you soon.
What Is Going On Currently? 
Bethel currently has an interim pastor but do not let that stop you from visiting. He is very integrated into our family and into the decisions we make as a church. His leadership is key and we seek his guidance as we search for our next senior pastor in the future. His sermons are in-depth, applicable to real life, and will get you diving into your Bible more than just on Sunday morning.  
Bethel is also currently going through a re-envisioning process. A very diverse group of church leaders meet often to openly discuss the next steps in our church history and where God would have us go from here. They continue to develop a discipleship process, seeking to align our mission statement and values to verify they match our current beliefs, and will be developing a community profile and how it pertains to growing and reaching our current Oakway community. The church leaders will also be seeking to develop a pastor-church covenant, candidate profile, and other expectations and details for the new pastor for when the time arises. All of our meetings are open to any church member and our notes are published on the Flash page of our website.
The leaders have also developed a member handbook that can be found here.